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  •  Advancement Of Technology and Internet Has Changed Everything . The way we work, the way we live and Everything. The world wide web has connected us in such a away we never imagined.It is a place Where every Human beings are Connected. As internet has so much stuff that we still don't know. Internet has become Source of Income for many People. But Due to misuse of internet a lots of Criminal Activity are increasing Day by Day. In Every second thousand of post are posted in facebook and tweeted in twitter. Generally web are classify in three Categories : 

 1. Surface web:

  The web which is easily accessible by Everyone Living In this planet.Facebook , Youtube          Linkedin, Twitter are the example. Surface web allow Everyone to use for Enjoyment and 
 business purpose .  

2. Deep Web: 

 Below the Surface Level there Lies a Deep web Deep Web are parts of the World Wide Web whose contents are not indexed by standard web search-engines. The opposite term to the deep web is the "surface web", which is accessible to anyone/everyone using the Internet

 3.Dark Web

 Here We Are Discussing about Dark web . So I prefer to write through understanding level for beginner about web.



Even Deeper and further the deep web there is a web which cant easily accessible by the common people called dark web.

The dark web is the World Wide Web content that exists on dark nets,overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software,configurations, or authorization to access.The dark web forms a small part of the deep web, the part of the Web not indexed by web search engines, although sometimes the term deep web is mistakenly used to refer specifically to the dark web.
Here you’ll find websites that are encrypted mainly for the purpose of hiding their existence. There are sites purposely created with no IP addresses so as to make them nearly unrecognizable. These sites are only accessed by users who use encrypted software to completely mask their identities. So welcome to the dark web! Here, everything and anything goes.  

 Should you access the dark web?

Here are chances the FBI man is watching you if you're browsing the surface web.

   Maybe not really, but everything the average person does online can be tracked in various ways.
    A lot of websites do track what you're looking at or searching, and, in turn, advertise services or products that fit that description to you.  
   This is far from something new. E-commerce sites, Google, Facebook, and many other social media sites are very guilty of this. 
  They sell our data to advertisers all around the world because we agreed to it in their terms and conditions we did not read. 
  This does not happen by accident and is not a coincidence either.  The internet was never made to be anonymous. 
  From my point of view You can Access for Knowledge and simply You should never engaged in it.You can access Dark web through Tor browser .

  For more level of understanding how to access Click on the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA8pNpPvrr0

b) Dark Web and Cryptocurrecy

Cryptocurrecy is a virtual decentralized form of money.The most notable virtual currency Bitcoin came into Rose Due to Darkweb.Without Dark web the Bitcoin value won't rose like in present era. Bitcoin came to Rose During the silk road website created by Ross Ulbricht for supply of Drug. In the last few year a correleation could be seen how the Bitcoin and Dark web Increasing . According to coinindex the combined daily volume of six Drug Market About up to $650,000.This Result show how the illegal Activities are Conducted .For supply for this Drug The Cryptocurrency is used as a payment source.For more information regarding Cryptocurrency click on this link

 Some sites of Dark Web: 

1. Hidden wiki

 It contains several hundreds of various hidden services available on the dark web. It’s easy to find fake passports and US driver's licenses. You can find drugs and illegal weapons. They are all here.Very much like on the surface web, there are extremely popular marketplaces on the dark web. Here you can get things that you may struggle to buy elsewhere, such as rocket launchers. Of course, I’m strongly against doing anything like this. However, supposing you wanted to buy things from websites on the dark web, here's how you would do it. The traditional forms of payment make no sense on the dark web. I mean things like credit cards can easily be tracked, thereby removing the anonymity of things, which might put you in jail. Therefore, virtual currency becomes King. This is where Bitcoin comes in.For more information Regarding Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin) visit to my blog about cryptocurrency

 2. Silk Road 

 Ross  William Ulbricht  is best known for creating and operating the Dark net market website Silk Road from 2011 until his arrest in 2013.Silk Road, an unprecedented dark web bazaar for drugs and other contraband.After He was arrested Silk Road was Shut Down .BUT After than Silk Road 2 was introduced and again after shutdown of it Silk Road 3. was introduced with in few month for the Supply of Drug in international Market.

Ross William Ulbricht

3. Data breaches.

Leaking the data of company Creating huge loss for company . Leaking Data of political and other Celebrities all is access on a Dark net.

 4. Child pornography and Human organ Trafficking 

The dark web also has various services that sell real human organs. We may not know how they acquired these, but certainly if you need one, they're there on the dark web. Unfortunately, child pornography is a bigger part of this scheme than I want to admit.  

c ) 5 smart Ways to keep Internet Identify Safe on Daily Basics

1.Make it hard for other people to get your Credit Card

2.Set up Two factor Authentication of Your Social Media.

3.Update a Software Regularly.

4.Ignore the spam mail.

5.Encrypt and Backup Your Data.

d) Conclusion:

To conclude, the Dark Web may appear to be a thick forest populated by criminals. However, when we observe it in detail, everyone could come to realize that, although illegal business is operating here, the way it is done could be used for legitimate business as well. In fact, the Dark Web may as well be the future of the Internet. A place where everyone is able to browse without the fear of having his or her identity revealed. It offers the freedom that many people want. However, we all should not forget that anything can be used for an ulterior motive. The Dark Web is a prime example. Unfortunately, anonymity itself is a blessing and a curse. A government agent working undercover, an innocent civilian concerned about his privacy, and a terrorist all benefit from online anonymity. It is either everyone or no one, and that is the unfortunate truth. It is up to us to decide what we learn from this.

 This are the information Regarding Dark web.I hope this will make you clarify about Dark web.Feel Free to comment for more information.If you want to know more about Dark web click in this link below.

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